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Upload student and teacher lists - Tietokanta / IT-hallinto - Binogi Support

Upload student and teacher lists

Authors list

This is how you upload a new list:

  1. Create an Excel-document with the users' information. Use Excels filformat .xlsx
  2. Name the file: Binogi_MunicipalityName_yyyymmdd.xlsx (i.e.:  Binogi_Borås_20210807.xlxs)
  3. These columnes will be included in the Excel-document (SSOID is not obligatory):

Information of teachers and students

The information that is needed:

  • Email
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • Class- Here you will add the classname and please specify which  class the students are going to 9A, 8B not just 9,8 (This is only for students, leave empty for teachers)
  • School
  • Municipality
  • Role- choose "student" or "teacher"


  • Please look carefully that the list is completed and that there are no spelling errors

How to upload the Excel-document:

  1. Use your personal  secured link that you got from us to upload the list.
  2. If you do not have this link contact us here:
  3. Upload the Excel-document through the secured link.

ATTENTION! Due to the data protection legislation GDPR it is illegal to email the information!

Students with protected data will not be exported to Binogi.

For staff: 

  • In administrative units (no schools):

For staff that is not working in schools, for example in municipality, språkcentrum (language units) or in other administrative units, please fill with the unit that they are working in at the column (i.e. ”Språkcentrum”, ”Hallstahammars Kommun”).

  • That is working in more than one schools:
    Choose the school that you are most active in.

Secure data transfer

The transfer of the files which contains information for creating accounts, happens only through the secured personal link that you get in the introduction email from us.

When you have uploaded the list you will send an email to us on and it will take 1-5 working days until the accounts are created.

Note! Do not send the list on our support email!

Please contact us if you do not have the secured link or if you have any other questions.

telephone: 08-509 154 00       email: